Featured Testimonial

By Jeff Passmore

Yes, book with Chris and Peg and spend as much time in New Zealand as your schedule permits. You will find Kiwis to be as friendly as anyone in Utah or Texas and they have the common courtesy of speaking English. The south island will blow you away with its natural beauty.

I hunted with Chris twice. First-time bid on and won a donated hunt. Bought it based on a Craig Bodington reference. I asked Craig if he had any thoughts about going with Chris and he said yes too. He said, “you will have a great time with Chris and Peg. You’re going up the mountain behind Chris for Tahr, shoot Chris in the leg, it’s the only way you’ll keep up.

I hunted all the animals listed:


Chris’ speciality. He will tailor the hunt to your fitness. I wanted a difficult mountain hunt and he provided. I’m still proud of that hunt. The second time I took my wife along and Chris accommodated her with a less challenging hunt. He can dial it up or down, just let him know what you want and can do.

Red Stag

I did a ranch hunt. Chris can provide free range also. The difference between animals is dramatic. Ranch hunts can be fair chase (in my opinion) as many of the ranches are quite large. But this is a very personal issue in my experience. So my suggestion would be to talk to Chris and do some research to make the decision that is best for you. I can tell you that my stag hunt was one of my all-time favourites and he’s hanging over my fireplace and always draws comments and compliments.


Chris talked me into this on my first trip. He promised I would love it and he was right. Don’t skip it, whatever you do. It’s a bargain. I’ve hunted chamois in other places, but never as much fun as with Chris. So much fun I booked his and hers the second time in NZ.


Yes, this would be fourth on my list, but if it fits your budget and time permits, they have great ones and my fallow hunt with Chris was unique.

I also had some time to hunt paradise ducks with Chris while we were there. No trophy fees so Chris didn’t make the money he did on the other hunt days, but he worked just as hard and we had a lot of fun. 

The food is fabulous. Peg was a chef in a five-star hotel and does all the cooking. Some fancy, some homestyle. All fantastic. She has a great personality. If you take your wife and she doesn’t hunt, Peg will take her shopping and show her a good time while you and Chris hunt. You will likely spend a lot your time with them in their home, which is great.

If you want to sightsee, they can also accommodate that. We did some with them and they dropped us off and we did some on our own.

This is a very personal and genuine experience with two great people who take pride in giving you a vacation of a lifetime, tailored to what you request. It was so great for me that I went back and did it again with them.

I hope you have a great time as I did. However, as good as mine was, yours might even turn out better. That’s just how great New Zealand and Chris and Peg are.

Jeff Passmore

Testimonial Archive

Listed here is an archive of testimonials we have collected over the many years tracking trails towards unforgettable experiences.



Thank you for everything. The trip was beyond my Dreams and it was because of you two


Words can not describe the wonderful time we have had with you . The efforts put forth by Chris to put me on a great STAG AND TAHR will forever appreciated


Chris Bilkey is the REAL DEAL hunting with Chris for tahr in the mountains was the most physically demanding but personally rewarding hunt that i have done ever under taken .i was successful on an amazing red stag , and no Elk hunt will ever match my New Zealand experience . truly a first rate experience.


This trip was magic and it is such an honour to have taken such a magnificent stag and fallow , they and this week will be held close to my heart forever . Thank you so much until next time .


Chris i couldn't have asked for a more for filling experience on my hunt with you . Thank you for being so patient and helping me to understand and appreciated these incredible animals .


Thank you for your excellence in knowing the property determination on pursuing the group of stags and most of all dragging me up that mountain that i will have never believed i could have climbed . I truly appreciated everything and like hey IF IT WAS EASY EVERYBODY WOULD DO IT .


I cannot thank you enough for sharing this magnificent experience with me . Your enthusiasm for the hunt , the land, and for life are truly contagious



II had such an amazing time Thank you for the wonderful hospitably. Chris you patience while guiding and finding us the right stag and rams was awesome


The hunt beyond exceeded my expectations Chris i truly appreciated your patience and honesty , expertise guiding my memorable hunt . i can truly see why you are the best at what you do ..


WOW great hospitality and just and overall great trip . everything was as we talked about and better as an outfitter mysel for 31 years Chris and Peg you didn't leave out any details such a great experience


Appreciate you both welcoming me into your home and taking me into the mountains . getting to know some of Brittany's family has been awesome cant wait to come back .


What a wonderful week / As i sit here at your cozy table and reflection my time here in the field with Chris the consummate professional i thank him for his guidance and patience in helping me to achieve my goal his skill and pure joy in the mountains and field that has been on every stalk and every hunt. Peg you are you are the most welcoming, warm and caring hostess ever . Your home is your haven and your table place of delectable.



Thank you both for an unbelievable experience. We are so grateful for your hard work and commitment to making it so , so you two in action is truly inspirational . The hostility has been more than we could have imagened. Hunting was incredible.


Thank you both for an unbelievable experience. We are so grateful for your hard work and commitment to making it so , so you two in action is truly inspirational . The hostility has been more than we could have imagened. Hunting was incredible.


Thank you for opening up your home to me and making me feel welcome . Your accommodation was so comfortable and the food absolutely delicious. The trophy quality is amazing. Chris you are a true PROFESSIONAL in every way .


Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. We enjoyed everything, it was a great hunt you are both so fun and have great heart .


Dear Chris and Peg there is no way to describe this experience. Chris thank you for showing me how to use a gun, after that experience i felt like this is going to be one of my hobbies.
The mountains was his office . The sky was his window, The grass was his floor He had a huge window.


Thank you so much for all of the GREAT HUNTS and FABULOUS TROPHIES.
The hospitality was awesome and we both felt so welcome. Thanks so much for all the great food.

TRIP NO.2 and the best. this time a tahr, free-range from a wheelchair , Chris you are an outstanding P.H.


You both have given our family one of the most special times of our lives . we will never forget the hospitality and hunting guidance we enjoyed with you.


I am still so amazed by the entire experience, I want to express our gratitude for the EVERYTHING you have done with and for us .

NEW ZEALAND is inspiring breath taking. Thank you


Thank you so much for the the hunt of a life time. We so enjoyed the care you put into making the hunt wonderful and Pegs efforts to make sure we were all comfortable at all times. Good food good times good hunt .


So awesome to spend this week with you both! Over the top, experience for sure. Wonderful people, amazing, animals & services next to none other, definitely a hard act to follow. Mike & Carol

Bill& Joy Wrye ESTANCEA wwrye@slarcoinc.net
Your hospitality was above and beyond. The tahr and red stag are magnificent. Thank you for making our trip a memory of a life time. Bill & Joy

Dan Folkman BONDURANT dan@midwestundergroundsupply.com

Many thanks to you both for a wonderful trip to N.Z Chris I thoroughly enjoyed hunting together. Peg you always know how to make us at home. Excellent hospitably all the way round. I certainly hope to return. Dan

Dennis & Carla Schemmel GRIMES IOWA bowen475@gmail.com

Thank you so much for the vacation and the hunt of a life time .we so enjoyed the love you put into making the hunt wonderful. For Dennis and pegs efforts to make sure we were comfortable at all times. Good food, good times. Good hunt good friends. Dennis& Carla

The Gilpin Family gilpins6@verizion.net

You both have given our family one of the most special times of our lives we will never forget the hospitality and hunting guidance we enjoyed with you. The Gilpins
There is no place like New Zealand Kiwis forever



Chris truly is the most professional guide i have been with and fun.
Thanks for a lovely introduction to N.Z.and
a fabulous hunt.

Such a great hunt all of us had a fabulous time, stag fallow and tahr were all taken with the bonus of the helicopter ride to get the Chamois, food and friendship was outstanding. Can’t wait to do this again in 2017


Many thanks for your hospitality and facilitating a memorable experience and hunt. Loved the helicopter experience hunting Chamois.

Tahr the geography and scenery was breath-taking. Amazing climbing the rolling hill, mountains was a humbling and physical challenge, however, I wouldn't have it any different, harvested some quality animals.


Thanks a million for putting up with our demanding group, you pulled it off and made this a great trip for all of us .


We dreamed of this hunt and our dreams cannot compare to how wonderful you guys made this experience.

Pat & Johnny Stuart CLEMMON N.C. 

Thank you from the depths of my heart in giving Johnny so many experiences we will never forget.

Tom & Loni strausbaugh MADISON.

The fantastic hunting was only topped off by the superb hospitality extended to loni and me.
The laughter around the dinner table topped off a wonderful days hunting every day.
Mary paul and Charles this was a wonderful start for our N.Z adventure it was a most special time .we will have fond memories of your beautiful home thank yo so much for all the special attention.

Between 2014-2003

Tina and Mark

Thank you for the amazing week of hunting NZ is a wonderful place to come and see .The warm welcome in your home will never be forgotten .
Thank you for being honest, truthful and respectful the memory’s will never before forgotten Mark our guide was the best we will return.


Thank you for an experienced that I will never forget. It is amazing to meet people as great as the two of you.the food was great and being able to stay in your home was a real treat. The hunt was so rewarding , both with the beautiful animals as well as the effort it takes to get them .sitting on top of those mountains and seeing the valley s will always be in my mind .Chris you are indeed a bull tahr with a great sense of humor. Thanks you both for this memory.


Thank you so much for the amazing hunting, site seeing and comfort the two of you are amazing people. Thanks again. Stay great.

Chris and peg i have written a few of these and this one comes kind comes difficult thank you doesn’t seem enough. You are both wonderful together and complement and feed of of each other so well.Chris you are the hardest working p.h guide I have ever been with.Peg you are truly one of the most beautiful special individual I know .

Don and Marilyn Walsworth

Chris thanks for a great week a great hunt in spite of the couple of days rain but we got our animals in good shape the food and companionship will never be forgotten you two make a perfect pair you complement each other well I sincerely I hope our paths cross again.
Peg your where so gracious and showed me around the country you are a great host .thank s so much you and Chris are a special couple and made us feel right ar home .your cooking is super super great. Hope to see you some time in the future.

Mark and Jackie

To our newest friends what a wonderful country.such breath taking landscape still doesn’t compare to two special lovey people. Every minutes here felt like home. An amazing week great hunting excellent food 5 star desserts.

Tina, Ben and Betty Gordon

I have had the most wonderful stay with you .thank you for your great hospitality and wonderful talks and the trips into town with you you will always be remembered your cooking and long talks have awakened a sprit in me to do some of the little things in life you inspire me so much I know we will be forever connected in thank you both so much for a wonderful week.
Betty Gordon
Thank you so much for the most enjoyable time in kiwi land . You both are most hospitable and enjoyable to spend time with .experiencing the worst weather New Zealand has seem in 20 years was something we will always remember. Thanks Chris for helping me walk up both a chamois and tahr a rather tough task to accomplish. Thanks peg for all the great food touring and conversation .see you again Ben and Tina.
Ben And Tina; gordonandgordonfarms@yahoo.com

Russ and Jackie kelly

Wish to thank you for you hospitality Russ was very fortunate to have Chris guide him he is excellent.thank you for the good food and accommodation. Wishing you all the best.

July 2011 Randy Fair Mansfield – Los Angeles

A great hunt and hospitality! Thanks for you both did to make my trip a success, the stag was a once in a lifetime trophy and the day out with beekeepers was also well appreciated, thanks again for the great week.

July 2011 Chip Johnston – Colorado

What a great time and experience being here with you. The hospitality and hunting are the best around. Thanks for going the extra mile making everyone feel at home and welcome. I look forward to many more times here with you.

May 2011MR -Bill Jones Birmingham

I had a great hunt, Tahr sheep stag and chamois, mountain alpine hunting here was a first being in New Zealand. The food, home comforts and companionship was really wonderful, I hope to see you next up for samba and Rusa.
-bill jones

August 2011-Jim and Sandy Stack Kirkland Washington

Very special thank you for a wonderful place to stay and great hunts, the free range hunt with the Tahr, chamois and goat and the great conversation was a trip never to be outdone.
I’ve had a wonderful relaxing time here, I enjoyed your home, hospitality and especially your amazing cooking, I loved our tours of the towns, and exploring the countryside, both of you are amazing warm and giving people, I will never forget our trip

April 2011- Tom Hammond Oakland Michigan

Few people would have gone out of their way as much as you did to obtain trophies in such a limited timeframe. You are both so special; pegs cooking are superb and how wonderful to share so many stories in life in common, truly special. Thank you, you are the reason why hunting is so great.

May 2011 – Dan and Gyongyi (Pearl) – Alaska.

Saying thank you doesn’t seem enough, the food and hospitality here and of course the hunting has been second to none, the mountains and animals are absolutely beautiful, the hunts have exceeded beyond expectations, hunting with Chris has been not only great fun but great education as well. You two are such a good match for each other, and thus for us it is always nice to be around happy, patient people, I love feeling so relaxed in your home, I love the hunting, Chris’s passion for hunting which one can see in his stride. Your personal time with us was much appreciated, love Gyongyi and Dan.

May 2011 – Daniel Mulhullond.

Thank you once again for such a wonderful stay and hunt, I will remember the humidity of the north, the pain of climbing for my chamois and the elation of finally getting my buck, we still have unfinished business so look forward to a third hunt with you very soon. Daniel Mulhullond.

April 2011-Mike and Audrey Brownmiller

Chris and peg we cannot begin to express to you both how wonderful the hunt and hospitality you provided was. Chris how gracious of you to allow me to tag along on mikes hunt of a lifetime, also making sure his dad was able to see the red stag hunt, I know it meant a lot to the both of them. This has been truly a memorable hunt ,thank you so much for everything, we both felt so welcome. Thanks again Audrey and mike.

March 2011-Jack Stoner, Evansville Indianapolis

The short time that we had hunting in the mountains with you was truly a wonderful experience. I will never forget the beauty of the red stag and the lion like jaw, the sweat on my brow trying to keep up with Chris made the thrill of taking my stag worthwhile. I will come back to hunt the mountains with Chris again in this memorable New Zealand country.

March 2011 – Josh Stoner. Evansville – Indianapolis

The memories I will have about this trip will last a lifetime, words cannot describe the appreciation I have for the awesome hunt and the amount of knowledge I have learnt from Chris in such a short amount of time on the mountain.im so fortunate to have met both of you and being able to spend this trip with my father as well. I will definitely return in the near future.

June 2010-Gray &Lynn Bailey – Williams Minnesota

Thank you so much for a wonderful time! What a great experience wonderful company and exceptional food
Chris thank you so much for making it work

May 2010 Dottie Sullender – Indianapolis

“A BIG THANK YOU “from the two of us for dream fulfilling week
May 2010 Bruce & Debbie Batory, Texas
What an extraordinary experience staying at Pukeko House and hunting in N.Z has been. Getting my red stag was a great hunt.
I will take away many memories of this stat with you .I have to tell you that I will BRAG FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE THAT I “SURVIVED “ A CHRIS BILKEY TAHR HUNT. IT WAS A SPECATULAR DAY. Debbie
The Tar hunt was one of the best experiences I have been exposed to hunting fair chase under free range conditions by foot was the ultimate situation.
Having Chris attention 24/7 was also appreciated. He was never on his phone during or after a hunt doing business.
Pegs companionship and great cooking was also a serious plus to the over all experience .We look forward to another N.Z .hunt with Bilkeys

April 2010 Jim Toddy Klamath Falls Oregano

This is my third time hunting with you. Each and every time has been exceptional and I look forward to hunting with the two of you again in the future.
The friendship gained these past years cannot be replaced
Jim – Thank you for a wonderful week Alden (Jims hunting companion)

March 2010 David Brenda &Ben Webster OHIO

What a beautiful country! Thank you for your hospitality.
Chris –I have to thank you for the great work out in the mountains. I’m sure ill look back on it fondly someday Brenda
Peggy –thanks for watching me while my parent’s hunter. Chris – thanks for helping me shoot my first big game animal and for taking me fishing

David Webster
Thank you for a great week of hunting the service was outstanding the food five stars.
Chris will out climb any one I know and guide you to that gold medal animal, He is able to accommodate anyone from the young to the old I hope to hunt with you again soon

June 2009 Brad & Mary Plaga – Sioux Falls

Thank you for your warm hospitality, delicious food and great hunting.
The Tahr hunt was certainly one of the most challenging and rewarding hunts of my hunting career.

June 2009 Daniel &Anne – Mullholland U.K.

Thank you VERY much for such a wonderful time on our first ,but not last , trip to your beautiful home .For me it was a great holiday and for Daniel a successful “Mission” the two rarely come together.
Daniel and Anne

The Wideners Peter & Amity – Rochester N.Y
A Million Thanks!! This hunt was worth the forty years I waited the trophies were great & your hospitality was A +
I think what you do and the way it is done is the best way to experience a foreign country. Your house is beautiful and your amazing people to share it with others.

The Tuttle family David & Erin – Idaho

David &I had our dreams of hunting Tahr fulfilled And you both made that happen. We will treasure our memories with you both forever. David & Erin

Jon & Robin & C.J. Millar- Clarkson

Thank you for a wonderful time, I felt as thought I was right at home .Friends so far away but so close in our heart & soul. You are both special people (Friends)
Thanks so much for everything! We will be back for sure.
Thank you so much for the experience and opportunity to hunt with you. Sorry we shot all the game we will be back for sure .C.J.

Larry & Emily Lewis – Michigan

The hunting to say the least was a true blue mountain hunt for the Tahr. Complete with sore muscles and a good kind fatigue at the end of the day. I always feel abetter person at the end of a hunt and this surly accomplished that.

Kevin Joe Ciavarra and Jared Curless

Thank you for the amazing hunt. The Tahr hunt was one of the most challenge experiences of my life and the most reverting.
Thanks you for the wonderful time TRULY ONE of the best hunts I have been on.

Paul & Nancy Heimberger – Ohio

You’re made our holiday very special. We came as visitors and left as good friends. The red stag is just what Paul wanted.
Paul & Nancy

Joseph Angulo & Janet Fielding – California
We had ANOTHER WONDERFUL experience. I never thought that once in a life time visit could be repeated, but it was and we’ve enjoyed every second.

Mike Sarsen – Utah
Thank you for a wonderful hunt to me; I have found two wonderful people who shared time with me.

Steve & Denise Perrins – Alaska
Thanks for making your trip to New Zealand truly memorable.
Steve truly enjoys hunting with Chris. Your warm friendship & hospitably will always be with us.

Jim Toddy – Oregon

Thank you for your generous donation to our local chapter S.C.I. .My expectations were surpassed .The time spent in the field was amazing, the quality of animals better than expected. The non typical fallow deer will make an excellent mount.
The opportunity to hunt with you was great.

Steve & Veronica – Mcmanus

Thanks for a great hunt and adventure and sightseeing. I have hunted all over the world U.S. Alaska all parts Canada, Russia 13 trips to Africa Asia etc. and this ranks as one of the best. All aspects were top notch .Food equipment, guiding, and trophy care. It is also the best trip to bring your wife as there are many for them to do.
The red stag are exceptional and Chris will find you whatever class you want and make a memorial hunt of it as well. I certainly recommend Chris & peg to all.
I can truly say New Zealand has a treasure in couple such as yourself as proud Kiwi you enable us to experience the best N.Z. has to offer.
You have satisfied every possible aspect of avid hunters and world travellers. Veronica

Tony & Liz Taylor -Texas

You immediately made us feel as friends rather than clients .Everything was excellent the hunt the delicious meals and most of all your true concern and friendship.
Again we offer our deepest appreciation for a lovely stay and an outstanding hunt.

Bitsy Kelly – Hawaii

Chris you are an incredible guide the Tahr , red stag hunts were incredible!
Peg thanks for sharing your home the food delicious the bed warm and comfy and the wine and dancing lots fun thanks to both.

Darryl & Meg Vereen – Texas

Chris thanks for “getting me to the top “My hunt was an experience I will never ever forget and probably will never top .It was awesome and you are a true hunter.
Thank for helping me experience something most people never will.
Peg thanks so much for your help with everything, your company great food and most of all, your great attitude.

Cleo & Bob Tuka – Wisconsin

Chris and peg have been hosts that are wonderful, warm, honest and fully enjoyable.
Chris’s guiding has been excellent, I shot a Tahr which I thought never do thanks to Chris
Bob & Cleo

Tim Hansen & Kathy Crawford – Montana

We had the most delightful time with you two. Your hospitality is warm, comforting and sincere.
Thank you for the professional and sporting quality of the hunt. A free range is just what we wanted challenging us in the pursuit of beautiful animals. Chris was a first class guide.
Tim & Kathy