Hunting Packages

Track & Trail Safaris offer the best in one-on-one fair chase and estate hunting on exclusive private properties where outstanding trophies are regularly taken.

We specialise in individual serious trophy hunters, husband and wife teams and family groups. We use only the best quality accommodation where you can enjoy first class meals and genuine Kiwi Hospitality.


Considered the Monarch of the Glen – liberated in 1851 from Scotland, England.

Red deer are one of the most wide spread deer in New Zealand.
Rut March – April, Red stag weights 350-410 pounds.

New Zealand has the best red stag hunting in the world. Many hunters shoot good stags of gold medal class each year in our “fair chase” managed game estate.


The Tahr is said to be the King of the mountains. Tahr were introduced into New Zealand in 1904 from Northern India. A mature bull Tahr weights 150-200 pounds with the rut being from May-July. Best time for skins as well.

Track and Trail Safaris has some of the best free range Tahr hunting available, in an exclusively managed free range Tahr hunting area, where its hunters have been 100 % successful in shooting Bull Tahr on foot with an average horn length of 12 inch or bigger.

Craig Boddington, Author and Hunting expert rates Chris Bilkey as one of New Zealand’s most experienced free range Tahr guides. Great sheep hunters rate this as one of the most prized alpine animals to hunt.


The Tahr being King, the Chamois has to be the prince of the Mountains.

Chamois liberated in New Zealand in 1907, a gift from His Majesty the Emperor of Austria. A Buck stands 26-30 inches high at the shoulder and weighs 50-80 pounds. Rut May-July, New Zealand the only country in the world to offer Tahr and Chamois hunting in the same free-range environment.


Liberated March 1864, Fallow being the second most widespread deer in New Zealand.

Among the worlds 40 recognised species of deer, and their 200 subspecies. The Fallow deer has the widest range of colour variants such as black, white, dapple, white-spot and fawn.

Fallow weigh 120-150 pound, Rut between late March/April.

Fallow Deer are found in the same managed game estate as Red Deer and can be hunted on the same hunt.

Goats and Ram can be hunted as add-ons also Elk and New Zealand Wapiti can also be arranged to hunt along with White-Tailed deer, Sika and Samber.


Track & Trail Safaris also offers 1X1 Buffalo hunting in the remote outback of Australia.

In all my years of hunting & guiding hunters in Australia, this camp would have to be the best I have seen. Because of the remoteness in this area, there is a lot of big bulls just dying of old age. If you want to see the last true wild untouched land on earth and enjoy great hunting then this hunt is for you. Buffalo weigh 1500-2000 lb July –September are good months to hunt been dry and cool at night .375 H&H is best with 300gr bullets to bring a buff down.

Shots are between 50-150 yards


Track & Trail Safaris offer a range of hunting expeditions.

  • Hunter 1 x 1 Guide
  • 600$USD
    per person
  • Rate per day. Rate includes meals, lodging, transport while on hunt and one guide per day.
  • Hunter 2 x 1 Guide
  • 550$USD
    per person
  • Rate per day. Rate includes meals, lodging, transport while on hunt and one guide per day.
  • Non Hunter
  • 300$USD
    per person
  • Rate per day. Rate includes meals, lodging, transport while on hunt and one guide per day.
  • Package Hunt - 7 Days
  • 20,000$USD
    per hunter
  • 7 day Red Stag (up to 420 S.C.I), Tahr and Chamois hunt for two hunters with one guide. $USD 20,000 per hunter.
  • Package includes one guide, food, accommodation, trophy fees for Thar & Chamois, Red Stag up to 420 S.C.I per hunter.

Game Animal Individual Trophy Fees

  • Red Stag (320-365 S.C.I)
  • 6,000$USD
    per head
  • Fellow Buck (100-220 S.C.I)
  • 5,000$USD
    per head
  • Elk (320-350 S.C.I)
  • 6,500$USD
    per head
  • Tahr
  • 6,000*$USD
    per head
  • Chamois
  • 5,000*$USD
    per head
  • Ram
  • 1,500$USD
    per head
  • Goat
  • 1,500$USD
    per head

*Price on application, helicopter use may be required