Track & Trail Safaris offer the best in one-on-one fair chase and estate hunting on exclusive private properties where outstanding trophies are regularly taken. We specialise in individual serious trophy hunters, husband and wife teams and family groups. We use only the best quality accommodation where you can enjoy first class meals and genuine Kiwi Hospitality.

TRANSPORT: You can arrange your flights to New Zealand from any country in the world using any of the international carriers that service New Zealand and Australia. Most international flights terminate at Auckland, however there are hourly connecting commercial flights from Auckland to Christchurch where you will be met by a Track & Trail Safaris representative. Our hunts begin and end in Christchurch. All international and New Zealand internal commercial flights are at the client’s expense. All other internal transport is included in the daily rate.

VISAS: A valid current passport is required for entry into new Zealand. Residents of the united states do not require a NZ visa. However it is necessary for residents of the other countries such as Mexico etc. Check with your travel agent, the new Zealand consulate, or the air new Zealand office in your country for details of your requirements.

PROCEDURE ON ARRIVAL: If you want to stopover before your hunt, we can arrange hotels and transport for you ahead of arrival date. Hotels with free airport shuttles or onward travel can be arranged on arrival by using the free courtesy phones available in the arrival terminals.
As you clear customs DECLARE any firearms that you are carrying.


Firearms import permits are best orgainised online with the New Zealand Police – Click HERE to complete the online form.

INCLUDE: full name, address, date of birth, occupation, photocopies of: Passport, photograph and any current firearm permits. Your flight number, date and time of arrival plus the particulars of the firearms you are bringing. This will facilitate pre entry licensing and speed your travel through the airport terminal.

A Firearms License and Import Permit are available at the port of entry into the country on arrival.



INSURANCE: Clients should ensure they have current comprehensive medical and travel insurance. New Zealand does have a comprehensive public accident and rehabilitation cover which applies equally to residents and visitors to New Zealand.

BIRD SHOOTING: During the season we offer Canada Geese, Grey Duck, Black Swans and our own native Paradise Ducks as an addition to your hunt. Weekly and season licenses are available.

FISHING: We have available to us some of the most experienced fishing guides in New Zealand. With Brown Rainbow Trout in our many lakes and mountain Streams.

TAXIDERMY: We work in with the leading taxidermists in New Zealand. Expediting and/or mounting your trophies is easily arranged. Charges for these services will be the responsibility of the hunter.

AUSTRALIA AND NEW CALEDONIA: We all so can arrange hunts in Australia for Asiatic Buffalo, Axis Deer, Sambar Deer, Hog Deer and wild boar hunts. In New Caledonia we hunt the giant Javan Rusa Stags.
Any of these hunts can be added to your New Zealand adventure.

CLOTHING: Remember that New Zealand seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere eg. When it is summer in the United States of America it is winter time in New Zealand. Clothing should be appropriate for cool to cold conditions, which may include rain and snow. Boots must have good rubber tread or deep cleats and preferably be waterproof. You can expect cold nights but with warm sunny days until May, and then cold days during June and July in New Zealand. Casual clothes are the order of the day in New Zealand.

NOTE: All footware should be cleaned to a very high standard to avoid unnecessary scrutiny upon arrival in New Zealand.